Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


A lot of learning happens during the first years of our live but not only; In fact, all our live we learn from everything, from everyone. We store new information throughout our live.

These “first times” that are so important, it’s these consciousness that allow us to evolve.

This is called brain plasticity. Some brain connections atrophy if they aren’t used or no longer used. But at the same time, others are created throughout our live. The older you get, these connections need more time to regenerate but they do it anyway.

We start with a given capital that we make evolve in all circumstances.

1 – The unconscious knows neither past nor future:

It lives only in the present, which means that absolutely everything that happened is stored in our memory as if it had happened 5 minutes ago.

Consciously we have forgotten many things, but the unconscious remembers everything, and very well. When an event occurs, the unconscious will search its database for another event that seems close or symbolic close to today’s event and brings back the related emotion.

2 – It also sometimes creates kinds of equations:

Imagine that a child lives in a large property, plays all day outside in total freedom and safety.

His parents have to move to live in a small house, in which the child sees his parents torn apart, he will see violences. He is helpless, powerless.

The equation is:

“Happiness (freedom) + tearing away (moving) = chaos (violence)”.

All his life, this child who has become an adult will suffer the consequences, leaving his relationships before suffering chaos once again. He will think he is active but in fact he will suffer his past.

3 – The unconscious doesn’t differentiate between the real and the imaginary:

The unconscious engraves throughout life as well the real as the imaginary, the emotions, the virtual or the symbolic. This kind of database increments itself without our knowledge. Each person has HIS truth where his vision of things comes into account with his complex unconscious. It depends on the “filters” we all have, distinct from each other.

These different pieces of information are stored in the brain, but it can be “stuck” in the wrong place, or in the right place but with the wrong association of ideas; What causes anxieties and fears, by force it can crystallize and cause diseases.

4 – It does not include negations:

When you say to yourself “I don’t want to be unhappy anymore”, remove the negations, read it again and oh my God!!!! “I want to be unhappy.”

Oops!!! You give him the opposite order, and like a good little soldier, it obeys…. How do I retranslate? “I want to be happy” “I want to live in a serene environment” …. Everyone knows the adage: “Do not do to others, what you do not like to be done to you”, listen inside you, everything closes, it prevents, it blocks as if there were plenty of “stop” signs everywhere. 

And if we translated it in a different way: “Do to others what you like to be done to you”, listen inside, it opens a field of possibilities.

5- The 4 zones:

First and foremost, understand what our “comfort zone” is, to each of us. It means in which atmosphere your unconscious has been built, what is ITS normality. Which doesn’t mean it’s normal or that it goes to the conscious level. What suits us “well” at the unconscious level can be completely deleterious for our conscious, for our life in general and for our well-being.

Once this is done, we enter in “area of confusion”, as the name suggests, not nice!!!! But we have to go through it, this zone allows us to redefine what we no longer want, what we want (this is exactly what is very disturbing). The magic word is “letting go.”

Then, we enter a “learning zone”, in which we will experiment, learn, evaluate our results, change our choices… This will open up new perspectives in you.

And finally enter, cleansed of erroneous and toxic memories, in a new “zone of serenity” where we are in the being, less in the having and where we’ve above all at peace with ourselves.