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Life Lessons, Life Mission, Soul Mission

Life Lessons, Life Mission, Soul Mission

1.Humans and the soul:

And there, already, everything is mixed, I give you some definitions, so that things are clear; And first of all, we will clarify an important point: we are not humans who have a soul, but we are, above all, a soul who makes an earthly experience in order to evolve from level to level. Yes, in that sense. Our soul has several lives, it decides to return to earth, to the exact right place and the right time, for a very specific purpose: its evolution. Always evolving, always learning, and growing.

2.Differences between life missions and soul missions:

Our life missions (I would even say “lives missions”) are like lessons that we must learn, understand. So, the sooner we put our finger on it, the less we will lose ourselves in the vagaries of life.

Our current life will be easier to live with, it will be faster, and we’ll have the rest of life to finish aligning perfectly and more naturally.

We may need several lifetimes to comprehend a lesson or mission.

3. Differences between a mission and life lessons:

We will define what is a mission of life, which is different from a mission of soul.

To take an easy example and de-dramatize all this, the soul mission is like the passage from 3rd grade to 7th at school; Life missions are all the (life) lessons you need to learn from kindergarten to get to 6th grade.

I often ask the people who participate in my training or coaching, if they remember the teacher who taught them to read. Often, we have forgotten him, but we know how to read. This is the most important thing, the reading, and therefore the lesson.

For life it’s the same thing, we should keep the lessons in mind and not teachers, except that we, humans, are very lazy and blinded by the teachers against whom we put ourselves at war. As a result, life lessons go unnoticed, but they are repeated, repeated, and repeated again until we understand them… And here we kindly come to the notion of Karma.

4. Karma: NO is not what you believe:

 “I have bad Karma!!” or “What must have been bad (not to say another word 😂), to bite so much in this life!!!”….

For many: Karma refers to the law of cause and effect or causality, which gives rise to two divergent paths. The first is about the positive karmic lesson, good faith and good work contribute to finding good karma and happiness in the future. The second is related to the negative karmic lesson, bad intentions and bad deeds contribute to the creation of bad karma and therefore suffering in a future life.

For me, it is, of course, appealing to the law of cause and effect, Universal law, but in no way is it repressive or punitive or in judgment!! Whatever you have done in a past life, it is not to punish yourself that you have negative experiences in this life.  No one is responsible for what happened before, neither you nor your soul, it’s just for its evolution and nothing else.

On the other hand, to understand a lesson, it is absolutely necessary to see it on both sides, like both sides of a coin, so if, for example, you have been abandoned for X reason that it is (without judgment), in a past life, there is a good chance that today, you suffered at least from the wound of abandonment.

5.How to know our life mission?

Generally, we make a world of it and yet it is not so difficult. These are often small clues that we no longer see that we are used to, subtle, slight redundancies, or what animates us in the depths of our being.

1. First of all, take off the mask, really know yourself

2. Identify in our lives the elements that are repeated, redundant, or even that bounce from generation to generation (the transgenerational)

3. Know what you like, what makes you tick.

4. Start “acting” for example find an activity that fulfills you, then training on this topic.

5. Let go of the gaze of others, on your way of doing things different from theirs.

6. Manage your fear of success and/or failure and dare to put your skills forward.

So, expressing the full potential in life is ONE of your life missions, and it is exactly the same for each of us. We have several of them!!! It’s up to you to touch them 😉 😉.

This life mission has contributed to my personal development as well as to the development that we call “collective”, by helping people who follow my training and read my articles or by following them in a tailor-made personal work!!

To help:

  1. Take responsibility of your happiness.
  2. Let go of the past.
  3. Accept what is.
  4. Really see what your abilities, qualities, strengths are.
  5. Your interests, dreams, passions, what you like...

I tried to popularize complex and subtle notions with my words, if you have questions or if you feel one or more blockages, you can contact me so that we can see together how I can help you.