Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


“Resilience is a person’s ability to adapt in the aftermath of trauma; Resilience is the ability to live, to succeed, to
develop in spite of adversity. »

Boris Cyrulnik a French neurologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and ethologist

That is, to create something with a story that is not always easy. Turn yourself completely to the future without forgetting what happened in the past, but changing its representation. The representation is like a virtual image of what really happened. Of the same event, we each have our own image, our own representation. The good news is brain plasticity, thanks to it we can evolve throughout our lives and it never stops. Create, strengthens, or weakens some connections in the brain. So, we can evolve, resolve to take away from certain people or situations the power we leave in their hands, and then turn to a more seren