Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


Spirituality isn’t a religion or a cultural philosophy or dogma.

It’s a quality of what is spirit, of what is freed from all materiality, of our very essence, and to learn to let ourselves be guided by it.

It’s therefore the discovery of another self, a luminous part that is just waiting to be developed. When we connect to it, it transforms our inner state, which is then characterized by serenity and freedom.

It transforms our sensations, because it acts as a Source of energy and elevates our vibrational state. By cultivating trust and letting go, patience, perseverance, benevolence.

To do this, we can use different tools such as observing our feelings and emotions, meditation and letting go. Letting go is also learned, quietly by applying a few simple but precise rules to the number of 9:

The 9 keys to letting go:

1. Accept what is

2. Trust in oneself, others and your Source (Source, from where our soul comes from)

3. Cultivate openness

4. Be curious and willing to learn

5. Be flexible and adaptable

6. Stay positive

7. Take the time

8. Know what is essential for you

9. Living in the present moment, now

Whenever we have a problem, we should go back to our basics, that means, respect ourselves, observe our feelings. At first, it’s difficult and we think that this isn’t the time or that we do not have the mind to it, and nevertheless it’s exactly at these moments that we should let go, do daily meditations, breathe calmly.

-There is not one religion, but hundreds.

There is only one type of spirituality.

-Religion is for those who sleep.

Spirituality is for those who are awake.

-Religion is for those who need the guidance of others.

Spirituality is for those who listen to their inner voice.

-Religion has a dogmatic and indisputable set of rules that must be followed without question.

Spirituality invites you to reason, to question everything, and to discover the consequences of your actions and to assume the consequences.

-Religion threatens and terrifies.

Spirituality gives you inner peace.

-Religion invents.

Spirituality discovers.

-Religion is the cause of division.

Spirituality is the cause of union.

-Religion is nourished by fear.

Spirituality is nourished by trust.

-Religion is: it’s about “doing”.

Spirituality is: it’s about “being”.

-Religion lives in the past and in the future.

Spirituality lives in the present, in the here and now.

-Religion lives in the confinement of your memory.

Spirituality is the freedom of conscience.