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Stop wanting to forgive!!!!

Stop wanting to forgive!!!!

Everywhere I see, I hear people say that it’s absolutely necessary to forgive, that it’s even the key to feel good and to be liberated…. What madness!!! And that if we failed it’s because we didn’t reach a certain level of energy or consciousness … Not at all!!!  

1-This injunction is deleterious for us, for our mental health, physical and especially for our integrity, I explain it:

Imagine, you live a violent marital situation, whether you are a man or a woman doesn’t change anything, that your spouse beats you and your children every day. The tension at home is unbearable, everyone lives in fear… And you are told once you have managed to get out of this hell: “Forgive, you will be better!” it brings you directly back into the acceptance of reliving the same situation !!

That means, at the energetic level, you will continue to be in the same low frequencies, and with the law of attraction also called the law of resonance, you will attract the same kind of people again and again.

And how do you want to forgive him?  That would mean that you deny what happened, that it’s null and void, therefore a flagrant disrespect for yourself, but the most serious thing is that you accept unconsciously that someone else does it again. This thought process generates a negative spiral, it’s more and more difficult to get out of it. The spiral drags you from the bottom, and this “little seeds” related to stress and fear will cause the disease, will be able to germinate. By not respecting yourself, you instill the order to your body, unconsciously and symbolically, to create a disorder to make you react.

2. Ho’oponopono method:

Often therapists invoke Ho’oponopono, an ancestral Hawaiian method aimed at resolving conflicts that cause suffering within a group. This philosophy of life starts from the basic principle that we are the “attractors” of the conflictual situations of our life, due to erroneous memories (our values, our fears, our mind, our beliefs but also our education, received from our parents but also from life) through our thoughts. This method of saying four words: “forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you” and we would become more benevolent.

This method wants us to forgive the other what we have unconsciously attracted to ourselves. This is totally illogical and even perverse because it makes us responsible for what happens in our unconscious. We are not aware of our unconscious!!! So, forgive, but to whom??? To God, to others??? To our unconscious?…

By going back to basics, have you ever consciously wanted to live one or more difficult or even painful or traumatic trials? The answer seems obvious to me. Moreover, you never said to yourself, one morning when you woke up:

“Hold on!! Today I’m going to slaughter myself during the day, just for fun!!! ” or “Hold on!! I will provoke my husband (or wife) until he (or she) hits me.”

No, no one says that kind of thing. On the other hand, our unconscious actually attracts, without our knowledge, this kind of situation; This does not excuse the attitude of people who hurt you and does not engage your responsibility or guilt. Others are in no way responsible for what happens in your head, consciously or unconsciously, we are just 100% attractors of what happened. So, we don’t have to forgive them.

3. Get out of this injunction!!! That’s already liberating!!!

We attract to us experiences, positive or negative, throughout our lives according to our energy level, called vibratory rate. This is not to say that people who have a high vibration rate have only positive and enriching experiences. But when a problem comes to them, they quickly wonder how the situation is good for them and what it teaches them. So, we are not “creators” of the disasters that happen in our lives, but we attract them. “You can attract the best and the worst, it depends entirely on your thoughts.” Luc Bodin 

We are therefore “attractors” or “attracters” of a situation, of an experience. Our soul needs to understand and experience different aspects of the same lesson, if in a past life we have been abandoned, we will surely be abandoned in any way in that life. It is the universal law of cause and effect, a mirror effect. This law applies without judgment, it is not a punishment, it’s just for the evolution of our soul.

4. Ok, but whom do we forgive?? Only oneself!!!!

We forgive ourselves for having let go of a situation to the point of no return, or for having done or not done, we forgive ourselves for not having reacted quickly enough or early enough… That is the key!!!

And even in Ho’oponopono, the method says only that. There was a mistranslation of a word with a double meaning.

“Ho’oponopono means that it’s important to start by correcting the error, correcting, putting it right, doing what is right, putting things back in order, cleaning up, starting correct actions.” Luc Bodin in no way forgive someone.

5. One day when I was more or less moaning about life in general:

“that it wasn’t fair”, and “what could I have done to have so many extremely difficult situations to deal with!!! … “, my guides, who are never far away, told me loud and clear:

“It’s not you who attracts them, it’s you who goes looking for them.”

It took me a while to digest the information and… forgive me… to myself.

Thanks to them I went from being a victim to being responsible for my own life and only for it. They still left me the free will to do (or not) actions to put things in order and correct. I had a choice, but I can tell you that it changed the whole way I thought and acted.

So, we become actors of our own lives, we are much freer to act, to no longer react, to re-act (= to repeat the same action), which always comes and comes again from the past. We can begin to correct our actions and thoughts by accepting what is. This is exactly what I wish for you with all my heart.