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When you replace "why it's happening to me" with "What does it teach me?"  Everything changes!!!
When you replace “why it’s happening to me” with “What does it teach me?”
Everything changes!!!

There are several levels of the soul, which explains among other things that you can not stand with certain persons, who have done nothing wrong to you, because of your different levels, which absolutely does not mean that some levels are bad, just means that there are more or less evolved levels.

Your consciousness as well as your soul are constantly evolving. It’s exactly for that what you have to live some experiences to continue to evolve, but we can learn and continue to evolve in the positive way and not just with negative experiences. We must also see each lesson of life from different aspects (which can be do over several lifetimes), to assimilate it well. And to learn a lesson well, we need masters to teach us.

If you just remember the “masters”, those who hurt you, you will go around in circles, which will result in ailments in the body and illnesses. But if you learn the “lessons”, you will evolve in a sustainable and more serene way and you will be able to recognize them without it harming you in any way, quite the opposite.

Level 1: The human is very materialistic; the spiritual life does not exist. He loves the accumulation of goods. Pleasure of the primary senses is the only one that is good to satisfy. There’s nothing after death. He would crush father and mother to get what she needs.

Level 2: Material possessions are still very important to the person who is at this level. They think that people’s worth rests only on their material possessions. They tend to believe in a God in their image, but it’s more in fear of what might happen next. They feel overwhelmed when they start thinking about what happens after death but begin to understand that there is something after. The spiritual life isn’t really important, and they begin to have principles of life.

Level 3: People who are at this level still live in the material but believe in God. A lot of them, in the world are at this level of the soul. Material accumulation is no longer the essential purpose of their lives. According to their interests, their spiritual life oscillates and follows more easily the dogmas of religions. They include better spirituality but still want to have everything without making any efforts. They are convinced that life after death is a concept.

Level 4: These people are no longer concerned with the accumulation and pleasure of the senses. The spiritual life takes a real place. They no longer let themselves be controlled by their emotions or passions. They become responsible for their thoughts and therefore their actions. They intellectualize everything. Some may be aware of their “supernatural” abilities and become aware of the spiritual value.

Level 5: These people perceive the universe, the source as uniqueness but continue to love material goods while no longer needing accumulation at all. They have a very great intuition, and develop easily psychic gifts to help others. They are fully responsible for their actions and thoughts, get rid of their prejudices. They communicate easily with their spirit guides. They see a lot more easily the beauty of each and respect the divine laws as best as possible.

Level 6: These people have managed to unify their senses to spirituality. Their passions and emotions do not imprison more, they are free. They communicate easily with spiritual entities and with their Being Upper. They understand why they have come to Earth and what they’ve learned. They can help others evolve without interfering in their personal evolution. These people are aware of their evolution and still try to improve.

Level 7: These people have completely succeeded in spiritualizing the reaction of their senses, their thoughts no longer have border, nor barrier. They are channels between matter and Source. They don’t need to follow at all the cosmic laws because they have completely integrated them and live them without question. It is a level, the highest, the soul no longer needs to incarnate and can continue its journey.

There is no judgment, we all went through stage 1 and we will all finish at stage 7.

This journey will be done in 5, 15 lifetimes or in 3500, the important thing is the path and the learning.