Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


Involuntarily, we always choose the same way, unconsciously, even if we want things to change, “Never again”, “I don’t want to! », « I don’t want to anymore », but then why does the scene repeat itself?

Our unconscious learns the rules of life since we were born, it is our job as an infant, like the rules of the game, the game of life, which become essential rules to follow for our survival ( I weigh my words).

Let me explain:

Our unconscious leads us systematically to what we have already experienced as a child. The way taken in the past is known and reassuring, we have already lived and felt it and we are still alive, so this way is “secure”.

At the very beginning of life, the child will pump the energy of his mother (his fears, the fact of being loving or not loving, that she feels loved, (or not or badly) absent or present by example) and of his father, will translate it as Love. If the environment is healthy, serene, and benevolent, everything is perfect; if, on the other hand, the environment is brutal, very noisy, or toxic, the future adult will generally have many problems in his life. Because this child will seek for life this same style of love even if consciously it hurts. This journey of the unconscious proves that we are alive; and he will always seek to prove that we are indeed alive, so the impression of this endless loop.

It’s in a way, the cycle of life, seen by our unconscious, it will look for this rule even, even if it’s counterproductive for the conscious.

Instead of asking yourself why the same things always happen to you, ask yourself why you always take the same paths