Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


We must first place the person in his context, that means to say in his identity, his personality, his entourage, his environment and his history.

Like the top of the iceberg, the consciousness is a tiny portion of a human being.

Most of it remains invisible: the unconscious, seat of difficulties but also of the most beautiful emotions.

Like Chinese medicine, I look at the individual and his entourage, the body sends messages, like cries of alarm that we can no longer translate.

Solutions must be found inside. If a part of your body hurts, it’s because something is blocking at the level of the conscious and / or unconscious.

So, to translate the ailments of your body, you must already listen to it with kindness.

Limiting thoughts are simply words that you have heard since childhood either against yourself or more generally against others.

Words that you took at real value, which may have been true at one time but obsolete today, or completely false, degrading, humiliating. Except that your unconscious still believes them, and that thanks to this normality you are still alive.

To get rid of it, you should “to let go” of these old values, easy to say you’ll tell me, this is where my perseverance comes in. And at the same time, it’s as simple as that, with two or three easy-to-apply tools in everyday life.

Your mind will hang on, it’s normal, because it’s programmed for survival without anything changing and today you know that some old habits must evolve for your inner well-being. So, let’s get to work!!!!

Often, the limits imposed on us in life are more mental than physical.