Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


Feeling rather than thinking. Judgement is part of the basics of our education, who didn’t hear his parents forbid him to play with so-and-so, when he was a child, because your boyfriend’s parents were not “good”.

The behavior of your children is the fruit of your education

A child has boundless admiration for his parents, and what parents think is THE TRUTH when it is much more surely a socio-professional value judgment.

Which is an aberration because our job or the function we perform does ABSOLUTELY not do what we are.

Even if I put on your shoes, I would be no one to judge you, who am I to do it?

Understanding the other is the best way to be in non-judgement.

Everyone does the best with the tools they have.

Sometimes I can little, sometimes I can do a lot, but anyway I always do to the best of my abilities of the moment always in the non-judgement of myself. Sometimes it happens that I am wrong, I become aware of it and I evolve. I’m still learning, and so much the better.

Learning, understanding, wouldn’t that be where benevolence would begin?

If everyone took the trouble to understand the other’s situation, the world would be a better.