Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse
Agnes Dalet



I met Agnès in September 2016, at a time in my life when I could not
move forward, I was sad or broken, I had blockages and I did not know how to do
it. Agnès brought me a listening in benevolence and non-judgment. She gave me
tools to overcome my blockages and difficulties. Thanks to her, I was able to
accept my past, manage my fears and anxieties. It allowed me to identify my
resources to evolve and grow. Thanks to his intervention, I was able to rebuild
myself and I approach life more serenely and positively. I would say I feel
good. Today, I always consult Agnès when I feel the need. And it helps me a lot
to go see her, I feel supported and listened to. I thank her very much for all
the good and the positive that it has generated in my life. I recommend without

Marjorie :

Communication, Professionalism, Quality. I
highly recommend Agnès. Listening, understanding, kindness, no judgment, she
will adapt to you, help you at best. Dare to take the plunge, you will not
regret it.

Jean-Pierre:Hello Agnès, life has many things in store
for us, good and most difficult. You know how to listen to us, and especially
to hear our heart and soul. Thanks to this, you touch the sensitive points in
order to clean the bad thoughts accumulated on our life path. You allow us to
say the disturbing things that pollute our being, so we are anesthetized by
these thoughts that come back to the surface with each event, preventing us
from advancing freely. We have the materials in us and you bring us the
equipment and know-how to build our home. I thank you from the bottom of my
heart for your listening that enriches my being…
you so much for coming into our lives 🙏🙏🙏


I arrived at your house in the middle of burnout. I was full of sadness,
anger, even rage and of course anxieties. Over the sessions, I left my past, I
lifted the mats under which I had hidden many wounds. I faced my sorrows, my
fears, my anger, all my wounds to discover an inner peace that I had never
known. Today, I have made a clean sweep of the past, I have let go, I have
learned to listen to my heart and my intuitions, I am soothed, and I learn to
love myself a little more every day. Now I know that my life belongs only to
me, that I already have everything I need to succeed and that I am not alone in
my path. Thank you Agnès for helping me find myself and follow my path Well I
hope it will help you, it’s hard to summarize everything we have experienced in
a few sentences. You know how much you helped me and I know what I owe you.
A huge thank you Agnes


I have known Agnès for more than 2 years
now, I have consulted her 2 times for different problems such as problems at
the professional level, phobias, stress, anxiety …. Thanks to her, I was able
to avoid burn-out and resume a professional activity quickly thanks to the
tools she was able to transmit to me. We are currently working on anxiety
attacks that slow my sleep and I can say that it is well on its way to being a
bad memory. 😉 Agnès is a caring person, attentive and gives the best she has
to solve everyone’s problems.
I recommend her



Having gone to see Agnes out of simple
curiosity I found myself talking to her about my life and the worries I had.
She gave me many solutions to soothe my pains that I did not know the origin
and help to see life differently with eyes wide open rather than blinders. She
is really a very interesting person and in addition she has a service 😊 I
recommend her and thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything she
taught me and brought