Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse
Agnes Dalet

Rates and payments

Warning: What I propose is in no way a promise of healing. I will never replace a consultation with a doctor or other healthcare professional. I will never distract patients from their doctors, medical and/or surgical treatments. I do not pretend to sustain the truth, I propose a quality of relationship with each one and a work on oneself.

It is a deep work in itself, which I want to perpetuate, done thanks to the magnetism and information I receive during my channeling, I use different techniques to achieve well-being. I adapt to the person, we are a team however do not expect a magic wand😉.

Receipt by appointment only. A parking space is available in front of my house.

For people:

  1. First session: assessment + start of explanation on the functioning of the unconscious: 70 € with a minimum duration of 2 hours
  2. Second and the following, per session: follow-up: 50€ if it is 1 hour, if it is 2h: 70€, if 3h: 90€
  3. Attention to a deceased person (I am a soul trafficker): 50€

For houses and apartments (with or without garden), shops:

  1. For houses and apartments with or without garden, shops: Complete energy care, cleaning, purification and harmonization
  2. in an apartment, a small or medium-sized house and garden made at a distance: 80 €,
  3. In a large house or shop: €200 per session (usually one is enough).

For animals:

  1. Animal telepathy, performed remotely: 50€ per session (one animal = one session)

If the service is made in Visio, the payment will be made in advance through Paylib (check with your bank’s application), without check except face to face.

If cancellation on your part, or postponement, at the last moment, there is no refund possible.