Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse
Agnes Dalet

Who am I?

In a spirit of benevolence and respect for the adult or child, or even the animal
(in animal communication), my goal is to accompany you towards well-being
and inner serenity.

“You can’t heal the part without healing the whole. You can’t heal the body
separately from the soul, and for the mind and body to regain their health, you
have to start by healing the soul. For it is a fundamental error of today’s
doctors to separate the soul from the body”.
Plato (-428, -348)

Resilience is the ability to cope with and recover from setbacks. It is the
capacity of a person to adapt following a trauma, it is the capacity to live, to
succeed, to develop in spite of adversity.
Boris Cyrulnik

My name is Agnes Dalet, and I’m a psycho-energetician and magnetizer based
in Gaillac in France. My commitments are either face-to-face or remotely
(videoconference). For over twenty years, I’ve been helping people to reveal
and fulfil yourself by helping you deal with what’s holding them back. When
you come into contact with me, you’re like a ball of wool thread, all tangled up.
My role is to begin to unravel the threads.
To do this, I look at you as a whole person: your history, your background, your
environment, your upbringing… I’m a jack-of-all-trades and I like that. To help
you, I use different methods like magnetism. I’m also a guide for the soul
(human and animal souls) and I do animal communication to reassure and
explain what the situation of their animal friends, that have passed, of little
kids of animals who left too quickly.
If you have question and haven’t found the answer on this site, or if you would
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