Psycho Energéticienne - Magnétiseuse


We have tumultuous, full, hyper-connected lives, we are on the lookout for the slightest information of what is happening in the world or in the lives of others via social networks. We clutter ourselves, literally and figuratively, with lots of objects and / or memories, information, which literally pollutes our brain consciously or unconsciously, in a material or immaterial way by choosing to get better we must choose what we keep in mind (conscious part), as the unconscious will be released itself,  quietly.

To evolve our life in a positive way is to choose what you keep or not. Choosing to give up some things but is a liberating act.

1 – Sorting through allows you to change your life

Tv feeds us with information, reports around the block or in the depths of Alaska. Sort through all this information. Is it really necessary to follow the lives of these people? All these people who reveal their whole lives, does it bring you anything?

 We no longer know how to feel our own emotions. We feed ourselves without thinking, with information that brings us absolutely nothing. There are certainly exciting shows; Social networks can make you reconnect with someone you’ve lost sight of, but you have to leave these tools in their place. We must make room for the people who live around us and whom we love. We fill our inner voids with emotions experienced by people we sometimes don’t even know. Cut it.

Tv feeds us with advertisements that boast us this or that essential items to our lives. We fill our inner voids with objects, food (…) and as soon as we hold them, we move on to something else “absolutely” indispensable. An endless race that makes us more and more empty because we look outside ourselves for what is inside. Sort through all these wants and needs. Cut them.

2 – We continue to sort

Filling our inner emptiness with emotions from the outside will not fill us, on the contrary, the feeling afterwards is worse, we feel even more empty. As Laurent Gounelle says:

“We are complete beings and nature leads us to feel it deeply, while society creates in us the lack. It knows how to make us believe and make us feel that we miss something to be happy. It forbids us to be satisfied with what we have, with what we are. It keeps making us believe that we are incomplete.”

3 – Cleaning to change your life

Our deep well-being will begin when we realize that it takes a minimum of things like a roof to be safe, a car to go from point A to point B… but not necessarily a villa of 8 608 ft² with a gigantic swimming pool and a Ferrari parked in front. Knowing what is essential for you, so that you feel at home, creating around you a beautiful, protective, and serene atmosphere that doesn’t look like a fashionable magazine but about ourselves.

We find it increasingly difficult to sort out who we really are and what society wants us to be. We must absolutely be squeezed into a predefined box, correspond to a social template. Those who don’t enter disturb us while they are the freest.

Start with a good, big housework, the cleaning done outside of you, will allow the one inside to be done.

Let’s clear our lives of all these desiderata of society, create space to finally know who we really are.

4 – Love and positive transformation

Boris Cyrulnik had a rather disturbing experience: “The brain is formed and evolves according to encounters and emotional exchanges. It’s sculpted by interactions with mother, father, siblings, others, culture, etc. Conversely, without contact with the outside world, the brain remains a shapeless heap. I observed it on the scanner, the children left to fend for themselves in the infamous Romanian orphanages of the Ceausescu era were victims of atrophy of certain brain areas. Placed in safe foster families, their brains “pumped”.

Fortunately, the brain machinery is very plastic! »

Conclusion: So, 2 good news:

1-that of brain plasticity that makes our brain can transform, continue to evolve to learn at any age, that we do not have to undergo with what we have already suffered, that we can change certain habits or situations and that with only a lot of love we can get much better.

2- to change your life in a positive way is to apply a few simple rules to simplify our often complicated and tumultuous life. As the Dalai Lama said: “Sow an act, you will reap a habit; sow a habit, you will reap a character; sow a character; you will reap a destiny.” You need patience and kindness towards yourself.