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Dictionary definition: Truth is an adequacy between reality and the man who thinks it.

An idea, a proposal that has general approval or agreement with someone’s sense of reality.

Because memory is often consciously or unconsciously defective, whether it embellishes, keeps, or passes over in silence, transforms, or even completely suppresses certain events or emotions.

We cannot necessarily trust it but for all that the emotions are there, lurking.

The same event is transcribed in a totally different way depending on the person, (a fact well known to police inspectors who carry out cross-checking checks) and yet everyone believes against all odds his version of the facts.

When a person is bad in his life, it does not matter THE truth, but it is, on the contrary, HIS truth that is important. Because of our personal, family, societal or geographical history, our way of seeing situations changes enormously. It is not the same if you were born in France or on the slopes of Machu Picchu, in 1950 or 2000, even if you are French but Alsatian or Nîmes. It may seem stupid to specify it but the Alsatians for example have a history linked to Germany that can be experienced as a dual nationality or a tear or without worries. In the same siblings, having the same parents, children feel the same things in different ways.

Subjectivity and relativity make sense. There is always a part of:

  1. “Truth” in “Just kidding”
  2. “Feeling” in “it’s nothing”
  3. “Pain” in “I’m Okay”
  4. “Injury” in “it’s not a problem”
  5. “Bitterness” in “Don’t Worry About Me”
  6. And many words in every silence…

Our family history also plays a huge role, often problems with alcoholism, drugs, family secrets or lack of love are repeated from generation to generation.

It takes a great intelligence of heart to be able to stop all this, so that the rest of life is sweeter.

We all have the ability to stop the destructive process that has sometimes been taking place for generations. The keys are kindness, patience and perseverance.